SWBC April 2017 Chapter Meeting

Special thanks to RBFCU for coming to speak to us for this month’s chapter meeting! In our guest’s presentation, we were shown the Black report which says that 43% of hackers spend only 2-6 hours to compromise a target and 50% of hackers change their attack methods after every engagement. We were also told of how the impact on a business for getting hacked is a loss of around $216 per record stolen. And that only 40% of cyber threats come from the outside while the rest is from insiders (44.5%) and operator errors. The cybersecurity opportunities that were mentioned include hybrid cloud architecture, data proliferation & big data, mobile workforce, and vulnerabilities. Lastly, we learned that the cybersecurity skills you need are not just education, experience, and certifications, but soft skills are very much needed too.

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This Friday 4/14 we are having a field trip to RBFCU’s IT campus in San Antonio. While we are there, we will get to see their campus, take a tour of the data center, and hear about the different IT opportunities RBFCU has to offer. Be sure to sign up at the link below to be able to go as we only have room for 30 on the trip. You can also add yourself to the carpool list if you need a ride or can provide one. Check the calendar or your email for the address of the campus.  The deadline to sign up is Thursday, April 13th at noon.


On April 20th we will be having our Appreciation Banquet at Casa Maria. Tickets are $25 and you can pay either through Paypal on our website on the homepage near the bottom left (preferable) or you can pay when you arrive. Our guest speaker Shawn Farrell from Volaris Group Consulting will be discussing the Do’s and Dont’s to maximize your earning Potential.

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