A New Chapter

Texas State AITP has been a cornerstone student organization for students interested in pursuing information technology as a career for decades. Starting in Fall 2022, AITP will officially be renamed ITSA (Information Technology Students of America) at Texas State. We hope to continue our commitment to showing the students at Texas State University the excellent path of information technology.

Amarillo trip DEADLINE is 10/14/2021!

Don’t forget about our amazing trip we have planned! If you are worried about missing those fun Halloween parties, never fear! We will be back from our trip on Saturday night, so don’t let that sway you from missing this awesome opportunity to compete and have yet another professional item on your resume.

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Yesterdays chapter meeting was a success!

Thank you everyone who came out to our chapter meeting featuring Texas State alumni Cole Perdok! We also had our very own Executive Vice President, Sujata, speaking about Dell!

Reminder that we are still needing volunteers for the IT Symposium this Friday 10/08/2021. Feel free to reach out to any officers with any questions or further information.

Eat ’em up Cats!