Final blog post of the semester: Happy Holidays!

Congratulations on the Graduations!

We did it everyone! We made it through to the end of the semester, with most of our sanity intact no less.

To our graduating members congratulations are in order. (Yay, We did it!)

Many of the big personalities in the CIS degree course graduated this past Saturday 12/14/2019. We walked the stage with poise and grace; and took ceremonious dunks in the river, as tradition demands.

If I may add a personal anecdote here: after commencement I overheard several people refer to me as looking like a priest, rabbi, philosopher, or wizard. Needless to say I ate all that up. 🙂

We are excited, and look forward to seeing big successes from our fellow Fall 2019 graduates. If our names aren’t remembered by history, then there truly is no justice in this world.
For those who have their final semester this coming Spring: See it through to the end, keep your eye on the prize. Y’all got this!

Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah, aren’t there end of year festivities occurring soon??
Boxing Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Omisoka, even Saturnalia, & Yule; December is full of excellent reasons to celebrate.

We hope everyone will have festive and fun end of year celebration(s)!
I plan on doing as many as will allow me to wear my new favorite ugly sweater.

The most important aspect of the holidays is being together, but we all know how this month goes, a lot of traveling, gifts, family, friends, and a greater than 0% chance of drinking.
Please don’t drink & drive though.
Have happy and safe holidays! Enjoy the break and we’ll see y’all in the Spring.

Signing Off

It has been an honor and a privilege to write for everyone.
AITP blog will be back in the Spring under new management.
I am signing off knowing y’all will be in good hand in the upcoming semester.
Now I’m finally going to catch up on some sleep!
-Christopher G.

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