Fall 2019 Geek Week, a great start to the new semester!

Hope you all had a great summer, fun, productive, or otherwise. My name is Chris, I am the new VP of IT, and I’ll be handling AITP blog posts this Fall semester.

We have a lot coming up right away with Geek Week 2019.
Our first chapter meeting starts it off. Tuesday, September 3rd 5:00pm – 6:00pm at LBJ LBJ 3-5.1
We are happy to announce that our first keynote speakers will be from Google!
We don’t quite know what Google will be speaking about, but if its anything like their presentation last Spring its sure to be insightful, and fun.


Following that Wednesday, September 4th 5:00pm – 6:00pm at LBJ 3-10.1 we have Bruce Howard discussing “Building effective resumes”.
For anyone who has not had the honor of meeting Bruce yet, he’s a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business and leadership. He serves as Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator for Texas State University.
His presentations are tremendously informative.


Finally Thursday, September 5th 5:00pm – 6:00pmat LBJ 3-5.1 AITP will be having a club gathering to meeting fellow members. Our officers will share tips & tricks to surviving at the McCoy college, talk about club involvement & volunteer opportunities and preparations for National competitions in Spring 2020.
With a social event to follow, 6:30pm – ??? at the SPOT for mirth and merriment it’ll be a great way to kick off a new semester.

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