March Chapter Meeting

Our March chapter meeting (03/05/19) will be a 2.5 hour long Google extravaganza! We have a ton of speakers from Google coming to talk about industry topics such as:

  • Google’s culture, products, and future
  • Applying at Google – Laura Alcala
  • Resume building tips – Danielle Pinta
  • What Google looks for in a new hire – Brian Novacek
  • How to prepare for a technical interview – Holt Skinner
  • Common Mistakes to avoid – Jarek Sedlacek

Finally, there will be a mock interview between our Vice President of IT, En Emerson and Google’s Brian Novacek, with a Q&A session afterwards and time for networking.

Due to our meeting time being much longer than usual, we have reserved 2 separate locations to showcase the whole event.

From 5 to 6pm we will be at our normal location at LBJ 3-9.1, after the first half of the meeting we will then take a short 15 minute break and transfer to McCoy 334 for the rest of the speakers from 6:15 to 7:30pm.

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