Chapter Meeting and reminders.

Chapter Meeting

Thanks to all of our members who came out to this Month’s chapter meeting! Even more so, we’d like to thank Randy Sabbagh and Taji Hall from Charles Schwab for coming out and speaking with us. It was very insightful learning about the company culture at Charles Schwab, and the many great internship and opportunities available to Texas State students!



IT Symposium

We are still looking for volunteers for the IT Symposium on October the 19th. We are offering up to 20 points for anyone who’s able to come! If you’re looking to go to the USITCC Nationals in the spring, these points will help you reach discount goals.


If you are interested in attending regions October 25th- October 27th, below are the required documents. Registration forms are due no later than October 11th.

Registration form

McCoy behavioral form

Activity Release form


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