AITP Opportunities this February

Hello AITP Members!

School is in full swing, and we are writing this to make sure you know all the opportunities coming up with AITP this February!!

Prep Course

The most pertinent thing you should be aware of is the Prep courses that we have designed for the USITCC competition this semester! Including today, we will be hosting Nationals prep courses for AITP members every Thursday at 5pm for the month of February. Today’s courses include an overview of Microsoft Office in LBJSC room 480B, and a course in Mobile Development in LBJSC room 480A.

These will be a great way to brush up on skills like Application Development, Database Design, and even PC Troubleshooting. Regardless of your skill level, these courses will be important for ensuring you’re properly prepared for the competitions available at USITCC this year. As always you will also pick up points by attending, which will help pay your way there!

February Chapter meeting with USAA

February sixth, we will have our first chapter meeting of the semester with guest speakers from USAA! This meeting will include details on membership opportunities, USITCC, and insight on the evolving landscape of Information Technology. This is definitely not an opportunity you will want to miss.

Career Fairs

Next week there will be two different career fairs on campus, the second of which is STEM specific. We encourage all members to go and get face to face time with prospective employers! Not only does it make good practice, but some of us will be going with hopes of landing an interview.

AITP Social at The Spot

February 13th, we are having a social event at The Spot in San Marcos! We will have reserved bowling lanes, and snacks! The Spot has tons of opportunities to have fun, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity!


We know that all of you are looking for more ways to get points, so make sure you check our calendar since every event we have there is worth some amount! From volunteer opportunities to San Antonio chapter meetings we have plenty of options. So go check them out!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us by e-mailing

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at our Nationals prep course tonight!


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