October Chapter Meeting and Annual IT Symposium

Thank you to Randy Sabbagh of Charles Schwab for the interactive, and fascinating seminar on Technology Resilience!

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Thank you also to everyone who came to the chapter meeting, as well as the information session afterwards. In case you weren’t able to make it, our guest speaker Randy Sabbagh spoke on his twenty years of experience with Charles Schwab, and his expertise in Technology Resilience. Mr. Sabbagh works daily for the preparedness of Charles Schwab information systems to face natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and hardware malfunctions. Their resilience team is so important not only because are they one of the largest financial institutions in the world, handling over three Billion dollars in assets, but they also operate in a Federated System under regulations from the federal government. With a company of such complexity, it is obvious to see why they prioritize accuracy. As Mr. Sabbagh said it himself “Murphy’s Law is a law for a reason”.

After the Chapter Meeting in the student center, a group of us also went over to the Info Session held in McCoy. There Mr. Sabbagh was able to answer questions, and describe working with Charles Schwab in detail. From work culture, to acquiring new positions within the company, he was able to provide real insight to the companies values. Our Info Sessions again proved to be extremely beneficial, and I would encourage everyone to prioritize them upon our next meeting since these posts won’t be able to do them justice!

IT Symposium

Next week, Friday the 13th of October, we will be hosting our annual IT Symposium! This event allows High School students all across Texas to come learn about the field of Information Technology, and compete in contests in different programs, and even languages. We have competitions in Troubleshooting, Excel, and even Java! All in all, it’s a really cool opportunity for AITP to provide young students. If you want more information, please check out our IT Symposium page for more details.

Where you come in

We need volunteers for this great event! With many different schools across Texas, there are a lot of High Schools that we want to ensure have a great experience. So, if you are a member we are asking you consider joining us on the 13th to make this incredible event happen, and it is not without it’s rewards! Not only is it something you can add to your volunteer experience (coordinating an IT event for hundreds of students), and an AITP t-shirt, but it will also earn you serious membership points to get you to Nationals!

So, please consider e-mailing aitp@txstateaitp.com, for the opportunity to make this event excellent!

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