RBFCU March 2017 Chapter Meeting

Special thanks to RBFCU for coming to speak to us for this months chapter meeting! In our guest’s presentation we were shown the hard skills that RBFCU look for such as Integration, Data Analysis, App Dev, Networking, and Security as well as soft skills like being a team player and an effective communicator. We were also shown the career path of an IT Admin from Technician (mice & keyboards) all the way up to Architect (visionary with the best work hours). Next were also told about “Where to win” in places like start-ups, enterprise tech, and general business. Lastly our guest gave us some great career wisdom such as “Can’t is nonsense” and “Goals aren’t finish lines, they’re water stops”.

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Our next social event is coming up this Friday the 31st where we will be seeing a movie at Starplex! Be sure to check back with the calendar to find out the exact time and what movie we will be watching.

The next chapter meeting is April 4th at 5pm in the LBJ Student Center, Room 3-14.1. Our guest speaker will be from SWBC and will talk with us about information security.

Followed directly after the chapter meeting at 6:30pm in McCoy, Room 336 will be a mandatory NCC meeting for all of those who are going to the NCC in St.Louis. We’ll be flying out to St.Louis just two days from then so be sure to study for your competitions so we can take home some trophies!

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