Texas State AITP thanks all of the schools, students, presenters, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to making this year’s IT Symposium an outstanding success!

This year we had five total competitions, with two having multiple rounds. These exams were written, tested, and proctored by our AITP officers and members and we are very proud with the results of the competitions.
Rankings are by highest score, with ties being broken by completion time.

Information Security

This year we had over 30 students sign up for the Network Security competition which is higher than years prior. This shows a growing interest in security over all, which is fantastic! We here at AITP are overjoyed with such a wonderful turnout!

1stKatherine VillerrealSouthwest HS34/501:11:00
2ndAbram Perez Southwest HS34/501:24:00
3rdJonny Piña San Marcos HS30/501:13:00
4thAllen Billiott Southwest HS30/501:14:00
5thHawk Freeman San Marcos HS29/501:20:00
6thLuke Del Rio Grandbury HS
Marine JROTC
7thDerek Do John B. Connally HS25/501:23:00
8thJohn Wickham John B. Connally HS23/501:20:00
9thAidan Cline Grandbury HS
Marine JROTC
10thHaille Gutierrez Alamo Academies – ITSA21/501:25:00

The second round of Info Sec is shorter, but much tougher.
Congratulations to the winners of the Information Security competition!

1st Jonny Piña San Marcos HS13/200:44:00
2nd Luke Del Rio Grandbury HS
Marine JROTC
3rd John Wickham John B. Connally HS9/200:20:00

PC Troubleshooting

PC Troubleshooting always has a large turnout, and y’all did not disappoint this year. With 32 students participating a lot of the placement came down to time.
The following are the 10 finalists from round one.

1stAllen BilliottSouthwest HS31/450:29:00
2ndBen HowellWichita Falls ISD
Career Education Center
3rdHawk FreemanSan Marcos HS28/450:36:00
4thIan Harwood Wichita Falls ISD
Career Education Center
5thKatherine VillerrealSouthwest HS27/450:26:00
6thAbram PerezSouthwest HS27/450:29:00
7thDarius QuinteroSouthwest HS24/450:42:00
8thAlexis GonzalezSouthwest HS23/450:29:00
9thJose HerraUnited South HS23/450:30:00
10thAaron EspinozaSan Marcos HS23/450:34:00

Round two looks like it went by in a flash! (Maybe we need to make it tougher next year?)
Here are the winners of the PC Troubleshooting competition, congratulations to you all!

1stBen Howell Wichita Falls ISD
Career Education Center
2ndIan Harwood Wichita Falls ISD
Career Education Center
3rdDarius QuinteroSouthwest HS15/200:20:00

Java Programming

Java Programming, our largest competition had an impressive 50 students competing this year!
Java is one of the most important programming languages around, if you can master it, nothing in the IT world can stop you!

Here are the winners of the Java competition. The scoring is split between an exam, and project. We added a few movie references for fun & a couple bonus points.

PlacingStudentSchoolExam ScoreProject Score
1stAnthony RojasConnally HS8/10 (+3)13/13
2ndJake RandallPflugerville HS9/10 (+1)13/13
3rdSergio DuqueAlamo Academies – ITSA7/10 (+3)11/13
Honorable MentionJaykumar PatelHendrickson HS8/10 (+1)8/13

Most missed question: Number 8.

“How many bits are allotted for an uninstantiated String type?”
Most picked answer: 64 bits
Correct answer: Depends on the operating system

Complete list of movies referenced:

  • The Matrix
  • Dodgeball
  • Robocop (Many mistook this one for Terminator)
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Sandlot
  • The Princess Bride

Microsoft Excel Solutions

Excel is an excellent piece of software… (yikes, tough crowd.) But seriously, there is so much that can be done in Excel that it a vital tool necessary in any career.

The competition this year had two participants, but that’s not to say it wasn’t fierce.
Congratulations to Makenzie Givan for her near perfect score,
and an honorable mention to Samara Campbell who took the exam all the way to time, ensuring the best possible score.

1stMakenzie GivanLa Grange HS0:57:00
Honorable MentionSamara CampbellWest Oso HS1:28:00

Microsoft Access:
Database Solutions

The Microsoft Access competition was a no show.
This comes as a bit of a disappointment to us, as many members of AITP regularly voice excitement over learning how to build, update, alter, and maintain databases.

C’est la vie, non?

Still there was a someone who “won” this competition, the proctor who got a few minutes of peace before jumping back into running the event.

Honorable MentionEn EmersonTexas State Universitynap?

AITP had a lot of fun this semester putting together the IT Symposium, it is our hope that you all had a great time and we would love to see y’all again next year!