National AITP Competition in Galveston was a rippin’ good time!

The weather was pleasant, the competitions were fun, and the amenities at the San Luis resort were fantastic! A huge thank-you to the national USITCC board for funding this event and an even bigger shout-out to our very own Faculty Advisor, Kevin Jetton, for planning and hosting this wonderful weekend-long competition.

In total, Texas State took home two awards:

  • 2nd place in Network Design – Martin Cantu and Juan Uribe
  • 4th place in App Development – Raymond Beecham and En Emerson

Below is a collection of pictures taken from the event.

At this time, we are encouraging all members of AITP to participate in future Regional and National competitions to help better represent Texas State at a professional level.

We look forward to an event next year to rival the success of Spring 2019!