Thank you for taking interest in competing at the IT Symposium at Texas State University. This page is dedicated for anyone who is considering competing or is already registered and wanted more information.

PC Troubleshooting

This competition will be in 2 parts. Round 1 will be a 75 question multiple choice test about PC troubleshooting and only 10 competitors will make it to the final round. The final round will consist a free-response question, where your technical writing will come in handy to win it all!

Microsoft Access & Excel

Test your skills using Microsoft Access and Excel. Cleaning, extracting and modifying data to satisfy business needs is an essential skill today. Use your knowledge of databases, spreadsheets and Microsoft Office to being home the gold!


This exam has 2 parts. Part 1 is comprised of 70 questions related to Comp-TIA security exam. Part 2 is an open-ended question and can be answered however way you like. The more technical the better! Good luck!