The U.S. Information Technology Collegiate Conference (USITCC) is intended to provide students who are studying information systems, information technology, and/or computer science (or closely-related disciplines) with an opportunity to showcase their skills, engage in IT-related competitions, and explore career opportunities.  

The event organizers have more than two decades of experience in delivering superb collegiate conferences for IT students.  This year’s event promises to be more fun than ever!

Check out this year’s Nationals winners!

(March 24-26, 2023 in Plano, TX)

USITCC Regionals
(October 20-22, 2022 in Springfield, MO)

At the 2022 USITCC South Regionals this past weekend – a team of 15 students flew over to Springfield, MO to compete in 8 different IT competition events with Kevin Jetton & Elizabeth Jaimes as the van drivers and team chauffeur.

In addition to a having a bit of fun time at the 1984 Arcade and a dinner at the Archie’s Italian Eatery, they managed to take home these 7 conference wins:

Office Solutions: 1st Place Abigail Grover & Lance Spivey
3rd Place Samantha Rios & Leslie Morales
Business Analytics: 1st Place Harsh Parmar & Syed Hossain Shahil
Database Design: 3rd Place Marcus Block & Sam Serio
Network Design: 3rd Place Sebastian Osuke & Harsh Parmar
Security: HM’s Andrew Ly & Leslie Morales

Highlights and Summary of South Regionals

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